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Astra WordPress theme review

We want to give you an Astra Theme Review with useful information. So we are not only going to describe what you can do with it. We emphasize those aspects that made Astra a couple of months ago…

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Enfold Theme Review 2020

Since 2013 and after seven years in the market, the Enfold Theme has made its way to be now one of the best sellers in the hard competition of what we call “Mega Themes.”

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Avada theme review 2020

If you have some experience looking for front end builders in WordPress marketplaces, you will know that Avada Theme is among the top sellers in Themeforest.

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How to set up a CPA landing page with Elementor

CPA is a marketing concept that refers explicitly to the payment made when someone selects an affiliate link and completes an action with a specific cost. A CPA landing page…

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How to open Elementor in WordPress

Suppose you are not a professional web developer, but you are interested in using Elementor. In that case, it will come handy to know how to open Elementor in WordPress and thus enjoy all its potential.

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How much does Elementor Cost?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin with such a power that you can already experience in its free version. Many users consider it enough to enjoy its benefits. However, the Pro version…

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Rank Math Review

Rank Math


Johnathan R. Smith favorite SEO plugin is Rank Math for WordPress that can help you optimize your content to be better for search engines. You get tips and advice on how to improve your score, which should lead to better rankings. Rank Math scores your content over 100 factors, which is very comprehensive.

Rank Math lets you optimize your page for up to 5 keywords. Most other free WordPress SEO tools let you use only one keyword per page. You can also use Rank Math for sitewide optimization. The plugin will check if there are any mistakes, such as missing titles and missing alt tags on pictures, or pages with 404 errors. This helps keep Johnathan's site Camper Guide free from errors.

One of the best ways to bring in new visitors is to offer the best website experience possible. One way to do this is by doing maintenance work for your site and optimizing it.

Rank Math is on of the best plugins out there. It has lots of features and it is easy to use. When you need a plugin that can help bring more visitors to your site, the Rank Math SEO plugin is an excellent option.

Tommy Mello is an entrepreneur, and the founder of A1 Garage Door Service, a leader in the home service industry. Hey suggest finding a clean and professional WP theme, but also it needs to be fast.
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