August 28, 2020

How much does Elementor Cost?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin with such a power that you can already experience in its free version. Many users consider it enough to enjoy its benefits.

However, the Pro version offers a wide range of features and benefits that many developers and customers find interesting enough to invest money in.

The price of Elementor varies according to the three types of paid licenses it offers, adapted to different budgets and needs.

The first common feature that we can find is that all plans have the same features with an annual subscription system; this means that you have support and updates for one year. Then, you must renew the subscription for another year and so on, if you want to continue enjoying updates and support.

The major difference between one Plan and another has to do with the number of possible websites with these plans.


The plans available are:

  • Personal Plan: You have all the features of Elementor Pro, but you can make only one website. The price of the Elementor Pro Personal Plan is 49 USD per year.
  • Plus Plan: has all the features of Elementor Pro, and you can develop three websites. The price of the Elementor Pro Plus Plan is 99 USD per year.
  • Expert Plan: has all the features of Elementor Pro, and you will be able to make 1000 websites and install it on websites that are not yours. The price of the Elementor Pro Expert Plan is 199 USD per year.

If, for example, you purchase the license for one year and then don't renew it, Elementor will continue working usually. However, you must renew the license to receive future updates and support.

Elementor Pro is an extension of Elementor Free, which means you must install an extra plugin. Then, everything will remain the same, except that you will have access to the new features. The pages created with the free version will not be affected.

It is a tool that makes your work much more comfortable because it includes many features that otherwise you would have to implement through other plugins or by touching more CSS/code.

The price you pay for Elementor Pro is worth it. You will save money buying several extra plugins with its features such as Contact Form, Slider, Portfolio, latest blog entries, share buttons, and newsletters.

It also includes licenses to use WooCommerce widgets, price tables, portfolios, countdowns, and price lists. You will not use all these elements on the same website, but there you have it for when you need it.


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