September 2, 2020

How to set up a CPA landing page with Elementor

CPA is a marketing concept that refers explicitly to the payment made when someone selects an affiliate link and completes an action with a specific cost.

A CPA landing page is then a landing page that seeks to trigger a CPA event. Tools such as sales-oriented copywriting, including customer testimonials and details of the product or service being sold, are often used.

CPA events are not just the purchase itself. They also include registrations or downloads, for example. The cost of each action is different, with the purchase obviously being the highest.

How to create a CPA landing page

To create a CPA landing page, you must find an offer, join a network, and create a website for CPA.

Find an offer

The first thing to do is to find an offer on a website. There are specific tools on the Internet for this, such as oDigger and, which help compile attractive CPA network offers.

When searching, you can find several standard terms that give us relevant indicators.


These are text links and banner ads that are visually displayed on the website.


Leads are the most common CPA act. It generally involves emails, telephone numbers, submission of names, and obtaining other similar data.

Traffic Sources

The most common sources of traffic are emails and organic searches.

Sending emails

Undirected traffic benefits mostly from sending emails, as simple as that can be. Usually, data such as the area code is obtained along with this.


The incentives for you to induce users to execute a purchase action are varied. They range from discounts to free products, services, or downloads.

By clicking on the offer

This form of marketing is traditional and consists of the potential customer selecting an offer to find attractive and reviewing the details.

CPA Listing

It is a preview of the landing page, which seeks to deepen the potential customer’s interest in the product or service you are trying to sell.

Download and install

It works similarly to pay-per-call. In this case, the difference is that the action is different: precisely, downloading a file or installing an application.


The publisher is the original promoter and responsible for making an offer available on the network.

Sale or revenue sharing

A sale or a revenue-sharing suggests that a person gets a percentage of each sale using CPA marketing.


Each time a user responds to a call to action, a specific fee is usually paid for CPA marketing.

CPA Landing Page Features

The trend indicates that these pages should be minimalist to increase conversion rates. However, more fields bring higher commissions.

Join a network

After considering all the offers and choosing the best one, you should join a partner network. To do this, you have to click on the link on the offers page. Once you join the CPA network, you will find the CPA membership applications.

Designing the CPA based website

When designing a website, CPA is often preferred to other marketing strategies because of its influence on increasing the value chain and its integrated advertising. A higher value chain is directly proportional to the amount of money you make from a website.

Integrated advertising is a complex concept, but it involves an effort to deliver credible information about quality products, which in turn is shaped to generate buying action.

With integrated advertising, you can manage a good website and, at the same time, benefit from other aspects of it.


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