May 27, 2020

Genesis Theme Review

I don’t know about you, but I love geeks.

I appreciate it when they get their heads together and make it easier for me to make the most out of complex things.

Sometimes out of very complex things, such as the Internet.

The only thing I know about Internet is that it’s a complex technological marvel, and I don’t really know how it works. As a writer, I can still remember how excited I was when I first discovered the power of WordPress.

It was a historical triumph of sorts that made it easy for me to put up websites and share my views with the world with barely any technical knowledge at all. Am still amazed by this feat and will forever be indebted to the geeks that brought us this ability.

Now you can imagine how stroked I was when I first encountered the Genesis WordPress theme. I came to know of it after my website designer used it to build my own website.

I’ve been using it for a few years now; and after all this time I can confidently say that the geeks have struck again with another technical masterpiece.

The Genesis Framework has gone a step further in making WordPress even easier to use through its well thought out architecture. Unlike a regular wordpress theme, the Genesis theme is a framework that acts as a foundation upon which it is possible to install what is known as ‘child themes’, making it quite versatile.

You can use it to build website for all sorts of purposes: for photographers, hobbyists, online stores – and, yes, even for us writers.

Its framework architecture allows one to quickly make changes to a websites appearance without disturbing its underlying coding and even switch themes without disturbing the website’s structure. Think of it as a button that allows you to change your shirt, tie, shoes, hairstyle and general appearance with just a simple click.

What I love most about this theme is that it comes search engine-ready.

Search engines can not think for themselves; that’s why it’s always beneficial to have a theme that delivers your website using clean code they can easily process. This theme automatically optimizes your site for the search engines through its smart design architecture and coding, making it the perfect companion for any tech noob like me.

As you may realize, SEO (Search engine optimization) is a full-time job involving lots of small and tedious tasks; and Genesis helps manage at least some of it. On top of that, this theme’s security features are quite impressive. I don’t have to worry about my site being compromised or not being accessible, thanks to the constant updates to security threats that you can set up to be run automatically.

As for using the theme, its smart design made it easy for me to understand its settings within a few minutes.

Once I knew how to work the controls i was awed by how spoilt for choice i was with an impressive array of customization option. I was able to pick out any child theme I wanted, for whatever audience I wanted to capture, making it one of the most flexible framework themes out there.

The Genesis team are constantly putting up new child themes that are quite good, designed to capture the eye of audiences for virtually every niche out there. Now I could understand why my designer insisted on it (which reminds me that I owe him a beer).

When in doubt how to use particular features of the theme the Genesis Framework support team were always responsive. They sure run a tight shift over there and deserve a thumbs-up.

One potential pitfall of Genesis is that it’s a little simpler on the backend than some of its competitors (for example, Thesis). This means that you won’t have as many design choices with it as with some other framework.

But, let me ask you this: would you rather spend your time endlessly tweaking your website design, or writing?

I know my answer: I prefer simplicity, even if it comes at the cost of limiting some more advanced options.

Notable blogger Brian Clark of the who designed the Genesis Framework caused quite a stir and is a clear indication of the themes irresistible charm to some of the most popular bloggers out there: it currently powers over 86,000 websites.

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