June 10, 2020

Betheme review 2020: Pros and Cons of a Top WordPress Theme

Muffin Group is a company with years of experience developing WordPress. They did an excellent job from their first theme, but it was the release of BeTheme in 2014 who make them a top contender on the best selling themes in WordPress. You will find several professional and user reviews from people that made their website with this tool. Most of them agree that BeTheme is one of the most powerful tools to build a website available in the market.

But it was some years since this jewel was released, and more WordPress Themes are competing with the ThemeForest Envato BeTheme. There is a lot of excellent new features to mention when we look into the theme market now.

From the building of a single page to the development of an entire website, in this article, we are going to do our BeTheme review to check what are the features that make this theme one of the most popular tools for a website that professional and amateurs developers can have.

How to use BeTheme WordPress


If you are a professional premium WordPress themes developer or you have some experience, BeTheme is easy to use. The Frontend edition is indeed quite basic, but if you have some notions of the backend, it is entirely possible to extract the best of this theme for your website.

Installing BeTheme

Installing process is easy, but we are going to use this BeTheme review to give you some in advance. As usual, after installing WordPress base, you will go to Appearance – Themes – Upload New. Then, you need to activate BeTheme and to enter your purchase code. Finally, you will have to accept incoming plugins and ultimately decide if you are going to work from scratch or use one of the theme’s pre maid websites.

General settings

Every theme has its most potent tools in the general settings. BeTheme it is not the exception: there you will be able to do basic stuff like changing your logo, and then to change a lot of different settings that will become the roots of the final design of the website you are developing. General layout, button style, grid width, image frame, and background are some of the features you will find.

Mega Menu

BeTheme Mega Menu is a perfect feature for a lot of websites that have complex structures. An excellent example of this is Ecommerce powered sites. You will find something similar to the drag & drop page builder, that will show you visually the tree page content in a friendly editing mode. If you have a good map site, this will do the rest.

Update BeTheme

BeTheme comes with one of the top features available among premium WordPress products. It’s the one-click update feature. It means that not only your version of the theme is going to be updated, but also all critical plugins. You will save a lot of time and headaches, especially if you are one of those martyrs of the past with the experience of destroying a page or a website because the theme stopped working with some plugin updates.

Betheme Support and Tutorials

BeTheme is one of the most praised support page features compared to other WordPress themes in the market. There are several reports from users confirming that there are friendly people behind that page that really want to help. We think that this is a significant plus for BeTheme: excellent support is a crucial factor for clients to buy these licenses and feel that they will have assistance if they need it.

There are many articles and nine video tutorials that cover most of the aspects you need to know using BeTheme. If you have patience, you will be covered most of the time. The downside of the BeTheme tutorials website page is that the last video is from 2018. Some theme aspects related to updated features could change, and it will be nice that developers take more attention to this detail.

Top customization

BeTheme could be called BeThemes. It is a premium WordPress theme with features that can make a website in more than five hundreds of different forms. And this is precisely why it is easy to find 5-stars Betheme review: from one only theme; you can build unique pages and websites exactly as your client or yourself wants to.

The reason why exists so many demo content is, of course, because BeTheme is a free space for creation. If you want to develop from scratch, you will find everything you need to make this process smooth and ready for developers with the most requiring clients.

Demo content

There is no BeTheme review that doesn’t mention the beautiful and easy-to-use demo content that you find here. It is not to exaggerate when you say that this is one of those critical features to make the final decision on buying the license of a theme.

After the May 2020 update, we count more than 500 WordPress website demo that proves how BeTheme can solve many web development problems. And of course, you can use these demos as the starting point for your projects. You can import and also upload images, and then just replace them if you are not going to make a significant change in the structure.

Page Builder

A friendly page builder with a drag and drop page editor is one of the features that every developer wants to find in an excellent WordPress theme. BeTheme comes not with one but with two options for this purpose: the Muffin Builder and the Visual Composer, both designed to edit pages in the frontend and the backend. You can add and distribute objects in different parts of the page and see how they work with each other.

Muffin builder is from the release of BeTheme a shining star, compared from the beginning with other popular drag & drop page builder like those created by DIVI. The layout building process is as smooth as possible with this kind of tool.

To edit each one of the elements, it is only possible in the backend of the Visual Composer page builder. The drag and drop page don’t have support for frontend editing even with the Muffin Builder, so you will have to work without seeing on screen the changes. It will not be a problem for developers but can create some confusion for beginners. And anyway, it will take some hours of use to get familiar with it.

Betheme Plugins

BeTheme comes with some of the most popular premium plugins available to use with a theme to build a WordPress website. You can use the page builder with tools like contact form 7, WPBakery Page Builder, Slide Revolution, Visual Composer, Layer Slider, and some others.

As usual, a WordPress theme like Betheme have some critical plugins that you need, and some other recommended. All the premium plugins included works with their basic versions, so don’t expect free features that you have to pay usually. You will have to buy those products directly with their developers if you want those extra features only for special pricing or premium accounts.

You will find that it is also possible to use some of the most popular plugins like Events Calendar, Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, bbPress, Gravity Forms, and many others.

Betheme Pricing

Usually, when you buy a WordPress Theme, you think that it is evident that the license allows you to develop not only one website but as much as you want. But BeTheme is a best-seller theme, and like most of its kind has a price for one website license. In this case, we are talking about $59. It includes six months’ support that can extend to 12 months if you pay an extra $17.63. Both prices exclude sale taxes.

Other reviews

We already mentioned this point in this article. BeTheme is a best-seller for one main reason, and that is how satisfied its clients are and the good reviews that they usually make. We are talking about more than 150,000 sales and 5-star user comments. Often, bad reviews mention frontend situation and some video tutorial that needs an update, but in our opinion, this is not big things to deal with.

Professional websites and developers are giving BeTheme for many years, only good reviews. Some more or fewer stars, there are usually positive reviews for BeTheme since 2014 than updates and excellent customer service are trying to sustain for a long future.


It is hard to express how important it is to work in a well-designed shortcode environment. Old school WordPress developers can testify that ten years ago was not possible to properly work with most of the WordPress themes because you didn’t have shortcodes. Entire pieces of code moved from here to there created more than one problem when you lost track of that.

BeTheme features more than 200 shortcodes to make your life easy. You will be able to use them in different contexts, and you will find easy the list of them to call one shortcode of the list every time you need them.

Speed test

BeTheme creates fast websites because its developers only work to reach this goal. If you follow the instructions related to the use of files and archives in the pages of your website, you should stay in the standards. If this was good in 2014, after years of several improvements in the theme’s code is even better. You can try to import the demo content and then try to test in  Page Speed, GT Metrix, and Pingdom. You will see by yourself.

Pros & Cons: BeTheme review

We can say as final thoughts that BeTheme is one of the more successful themes powered by WordPress, and you can understand why. Header styles, custom widgets, pre-made layouts, page builders, customization options, support, and many other features had built this reputation.

When we analyze the top contenders in the WordPress marketing world, the details make the difference. So probably you should really look in the little cons you find, and see how related they are to the use you are pretending to give to this product.


  • Professional, top-quality demos
  • More than twenty header Layouts
  • More than five hundred website demos
  • Built-In Mega Menu
  • Different settings for slide menu
  • Interesting WooCommerce applications


  • Not friendly for beginners on WordPress Theme use
  • Theme lacks Blog Layout Options
  • No frontend options for build a page or website
  • Be Theme WordPress Website license is just for one domain
  • Lacks Blog Layout theme Options

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